Freeze Sleeve: A product to reduce swelling; combines cold compression with a highly flexible Hydro Gel that contours to you for comfort and movement ensuring you are not stuck on the couch. Cold and compression two to three times a day is a proven therapy for Tennis Elbow so this care kit contains Freeze Sleeve.

Surround Tennis Elbow Strap: Comfortable focus compression pad that protects the injury but also easy to wear all day. To allow the inflamed area to rest you must force the engagement of the larger area of the forearm during activity.

Strength and Stretch Plan: Regaining strength and full range of natural motion will help you heal and can aid in prevention. For that reason, this care kit includes a complete Strength and Stretch plan created by Mike Verplancke DPT and will provide you widely accepted exercise programs and tools specific for your elbow.

Fast Freeze: A powerful fast working topical analgesic that can give you instant relief with a simple spray.Your injury hurts and as you get back to activity your muscles will be sore. So to provide you immediate relief the Care Kit contains