What is a meniscus tear?

Each knee has two menisci that help keep your leg steady, strong and straight. People ofMeniscus Injury all ages can tear a meniscus, and the injury is among the most common knee injuries. Active adults, especially those who play contact sports, may experience a meniscus tear if the knee is pivoted or moved while the foot is kept still. Older adults are more likely to experience degenerative meniscus tears from smaller movements as the result of weakened cartilage. In fact 30% of those of 50 will experience a torn Meniscus. 

Depending on the severity, a range of symptoms can take effect. Minor tears can result in pain, stiffness, and swelling. More severe tears can roughen the edges of the meniscus or break it into pieces that make movement painful or impossible.




How can you treat meniscus pain?

Tears along the edge heal by themselves, however, tears in the inside of the meniscus may not resolve. Severe meniscus tears often require a surgical operation to repair the knee, however recent studies have brought uncertainty to whether this is effective. This surgical procedure typically involves removing torn sections of the meniscus to eliminate the source of pain but doesn't fix the root problem. For this reason, surgery should only be considered after attempting less invasive solutions.

While painkillers can provide quick relief from pain, they do nothing to promote the healing of the meniscus, thereby allowing the pain to return. Painkillers can even increase the chance of worsening your injury as they mask the pain while you continue with your everyday activities.

Fortunately, mild and moderate tears can usually be treated with physical therapy and the RICE method (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation). These treatments reduce the pain and swelling while allowing the meniscus to heal.  Our Meniscus Care Kit includes everything needed to treat your tear in the comfort of your home.

The Reaction Knee Brace allows your knee to rest by supporting your knee and keeping it in the proper alignment with its unique elastomeric design. 

Cold and compression are an effective combination for treating injuries and sprains. Cold and compression will reduce the swelling which is a large source of pain and significantly limits the knee's range of motion. For cold and compression to work it has to be easy and that is why The Freeze Sleeve in our kit takes it provides excellent cold and compression that can be put on in seconds and moves with you.

Physical Therapy is needed for the knee to regain strength and a full range of motion. Physical therapy promotes blood flow which in turn allows the meniscus to heal more rapidly. Our kit includes a complete Strength and Stretch Plan created by a physical therapist, as well as a stretch strap and five resistance bands.

Take the first step to reducing your pain and healing your injury with our specially designed Meniscus Care Kit: