You DON'T HAVE TO SUFFER With Debilitating KNEE PAIN From Osteoarthritis

Knee Pain

Soothe your inflammation, reduce bone-on-bone contact, and improve your mobility WITHOUT pills, injections, or surgery.

And after a long night of restless sleep (if you can call it that), the last thing you want to do is struggle to simply stand up after suffering through a half-hearted breakfast, just trying to ignore the constant throbbing in your knee.But then all of the sudden, a few months go by and you can’t remember when your knee DIDN’T ache, swell, and lock up after walking.

The pain creeps up on you, most of the time developing slowly… It’s usually the worst when you’ve been inactive for a few hours... which means most mornings are a battle just to shuffle from the side of the bed to the bathroom.

Yes, if you have pain from knee Osteoarthritis it is just as awful as it sounds.

And most of the time when you go to your physician… you walk away with more questions than answers:

  • Is there anything I can do about the pain besides popping pills?
  • Does this mean I can’t ever play tennis again?
  • How am I supposed to ENJOY life when I can barely walk?
  • Do I need to have my knee replaced?
  • What am I supposed to do??

Some people have tried EVERYTHING and NOTHING seems to work

“I do plenty of stuff already… rolling up a towel or pillow behind my knee at night, taking AlevePM, prescription Norco from my doctor if it’s really bad… but sometimes you just can't find a comfortable position to relieve the pain.”

“I’ve had injections and pain treatments before, but they never did anything for me… I feel like they’re just big money for the Dr.”

“After all is said and done, I feel like the only thing I have left to do is get knee surgery. Nothing else has worked, so what is there left?”

 And it’s easy for frustration, anger, and even depression to set in.

But thankfully, even though OA is degenerative and won’t get “better,” there ARE clinically proven conservative treatment options that are simple and effective for soothing the inflammation and pain in your knee, and slowing the progression of OA over time.

If you have OA, here’s what’s going on in your knee:

  • The protective tissues in your knee joint space that help lubricate and protect your knee from the impact of everyday activities degenerate over time.
  • This means that your knee joint space narrows, forcing bone-on-bone contact during normal activity, which causes that stabbing, “lightning bolt” type pain (believe me, if you’ve had it you know what we’re talking about).
  • That bone contact then causes additional injury and inflammation (that throbbing, red, hot feeling), which when prolonged causes additional tissue loss and even the formation of bone spurs.
  • All of that means more pain when you sit, stand, or move… which also means that you’ll spend more and more time avoiding the use of the muscles, tendons, and ligaments that support your knee, which causes it to weaken over time, and exacerbate that pain and degeneration even further!


Which when left unchecked will continue to get worse and worse, leaving you less and less able to perform even the simplest of activities (like walking or sitting).

Is that how you imagined you’d be spending your middle-age or retirement years?

Because when even walking is an issue, playing tennis and chasing grandkids is virtually out of the question...

So our treatment philosophy is specifically designed to break that vicious cycle (tissue loss > damage > inflammation > more tissue loss), and prolong (even improve) your knee pain and mobility so that you can LIVE your life WITHOUT feeling like you’re just a victim of circumstance.

Here’s how it works:

We call it The 4 Key Elements of Recovery… and consider it your physician-endorsed roadmap to reducing your OA knee pain, and regaining your range of motion and strength.

The 4 Key Elements Of Recovery

Compression and Cold is a powerful proven way to reduce pain and swelling.

A high quality brace helps maintain alignment throughout recovery and beyond.

Get instant relief with powerful topical analgesic with just a simple spray.

Regaining strength and full range of motion will help you heal and aid in prevention.


And that roadmap is what underlies each and every product we include in our Pains And Strains Knee Osteoarthritis Care Kit

Pain Relief Element #1: Swelling Reduction

Freeze Sleeve Cold and Compression

Compression and cold exposure is the single most proven non-pharmacological method for the reduction inflammation in the knee.

For the therapy to be effective though, it needs to be used every day and after every activity.

And we all know what a TOTAL PAIN it is to sit on the couch with a bag of ice.

So you’re telling me I have to do this after EVERY… SINGLE… ACTIVITY!?

Yea. Not happening.

This is exactly why our Knee OA Care Kits contain Freeze Sleeve: a product that combines a compression sleeve with a unique hydrogel-based ice pack, making it SUPER EASY for you to throw it in the freezer, slip it on and off when you need to, and stay active.

No more wondering if you have any ice or ziplock bags ready…

No more balancing a bag of ice on your knee, unable to do anything else that takes you out of arm’s reach of your perch on the couch.

No more playing the “Oh too cold!” or “Crap it melted through the paper towel” game…

Just freeze it up, throw it on, and go about your day with less swelling, less pain, and the peace of mind that you’re not ACCELERATING the breakdown of your knee with chronic inflammation.

Pain Relief Element #2: Injury Protection

Joint Spacing Narrowing

Because the distance between the bones in your knee is diminished, whenever your knee gets even the slightest bit out of natural alignment, you get that “bone-on-bone,” grinding contact, which not only hurts but also furthers the process of tissue degeneration.

This is why when you have OA (especially when it’s severe), it is CRITICAL to help your knee maintain correct alignment when doing ANY sort of load-bearing physical activity.

And that’s why we’ve also included the Reaction Knee Brace in our Knee OA Care Kit.


Developed by world renowned orthopedic surgeon, Dr. William Nordt, this is NOT your typical run-of-the-mill knee brace. (I mean… professional athletes even wear this thing so that they can compete through knee injuries!)

With its elastomeric web design, the Reaction Knee Brace absorbs shock, disperses energy, and shifts pain away from your knee, while keeping it in alignment even when you’re bending down or moving laterally (side-to-side).

It even comes with an optional inner sleeve so that the brace itself doesn’t rub and irritate the skin around your knee.

And when combined with the Freeze Sleeve, it provides the perfect 1-2 punch for reducing inflammation and preventing further injury… so that you can continue to do the activities you love, even if your OA is severe.

Pain Relief Element #3: Pain Management

Now yes, when most of us hear the term “pain management” we think of a disinterested M.D. who’s a little too eager to hand out prescriptions for pain pills…

Which may be effective at reducing pain, but also has BIG TIME side effects and potentially addictive qualities that are just as bad, if not worse, than the pain you’re trying to “manage” in the first place.

But what are you supposed to do then

Just grit your teeth and hope for the best??

As much as we’re in favor of solving the underlying cause of your knee pain, this can take time… and you shouldn’t have to suffer in the meantime.

So along with the sleeve and brace, our Knee OA Care Kit also includes a canister of Fast Freeze, a topical pain reliever designed to kill short-term pain.


It’s a spray-on Analgesic that can help reduce crippling pain flare-ups, with virtually no side effects.

And even though you may be doing your best to wear your brace and ice it, sometimes you just need relief for your knee NOW.

Pain Relief Element #4: Strengthen And Stretch

Finally, one of the WORST aspects of Osteoarthritis in the knee is that not only are you in pain most days, but you’re also continually losing the FUNCTION of your knee over time.

This means:

  • It’s harder to take the dog for a walk
  • It’s harder to run errands or go to the mall
  • And it’s virtually impossible to go on that favorite hike or cross-country ski trip

...without your knee and the muscles around it getting fatigued, sore, and locked up (and we mean that LITERALLY).

But the good thing is this:

There are a number of physical therapy exercises focused on regaining range of motion, and strengthening the muscles around your knee and hips, that you can perform YOURSELF… so that you can get active again, and stay active once you do.

For this, we’ve included an in-home, DIY physical therapy routine developed by our own in-house Physical Therapist, Mike Verplancke... along with a set of resistance bands and stretch strap to perform the exercises.

The 12" by 2" heavy duty resistance loop bands are made of 100% natural latex and come in 5 varying resistance levels, so you can start out easy and build strength over time.

The Stretch Strap delivers the benefit of assisted stretching without having to rely on a partner. And the multiple loop locations let you gradually stretch your major muscle groups deeper and deeper over time as you progress.

The plan itself comes in both booklet and video formats, with access to 5 easy-to-follow videos. Where Mike will walk you through each exercise, step-by-step.

 This mobility work is what will help you build the foundation for a strong and flexible knee that can support itself and resist impact

...which is a MUST when your knee soft tissues are already diminished for preventing additional pain and deterioration.

Your life DOESN’T have to revolve around your knee pain.

All it takes is the right approach, with a little effort and time, and you could:

  • Actually make it up and down the stairs again WITHOUT that severe pain that makes you want to sleep downstairs every night
  • Be able to finally get to sleep and get a full night’s rest... something you may not have had for months or even YEARS
  • Soothe that hot, swollen, throbbing feeling you get when your inflammation flares up WITHOUT the dangers of NSAIDS or prescription pain meds (say goodbye to the breakfast, lunch, dinner pill-popping routine)
  • Avoid someone sticking a needle in your knee, or worse… replacing it all-together
  • And rebuild the strength and mobility of your knee so you can get around again: at home, in town, or at the playground with your grandkids…



“I have had knee pain that kept me from volunteering at my church's youth retreat. My doctor only gave me drugs which did not work. This is what I needed and has helped a lot. I will be back on this summer’s retreat!”

~ Mark Lovy

“I love tennis..I love winning at tennis. The brace and the cold were perfect before and after the match! I have tried others and these were the best I have used by far. For me the real game changer was the PT instructions, I could never make time to go to the PT so it was great having the instructions and tools sent to me. I need to use them more, but notice a difference when I do.”

~ Eric Pogue

“The knee OA kit was perfect. The program instructions and videos were very educational and I could easily follow it when traveling. I've been using it for a month and already notice an improvement. My dog loves it to... I can now take her on longer walks!”

~ Robert Heglin

But what about my other treatment options?

Now, this isn’t all to say that you can’t decide to go with a more aggressive treatment protocol, and for some people knee surgery or replacement is the right thing to do…

 So have a conversation with your physician, and see what your options are.

 But keep in mind, the average hospital charge for a total knee replacement procedure in the US is $49,500.7 What you pay out of pocket will depend on what type of insurance you have, but it’s certainly not a financial decision to take lightly.

 And even if you do decide to go ahead with a procedure, it typically means 3-6 weeks until you can resume normal activities, 3 months for the pain and swelling to settle down, and up to a year for everything to return back to normal.8

 That’s a loooong time to be out of commission.

Plus, as with any surgery, there’s always the chance of complications… something I think we’d all love to avoid if given the choice.

 And while we’re on the topic of doctors, let’s not forget the time, energy, and hassle involved with finding the right doctor, making an appointment, and actually going in the FIRST PLACE.

 Yes, you want relief from your knee pain, and you’d do just about anything to get it... but you don’t necessarily want to fill your schedule with doctor’s visits and PT appointments either.

 Instead, the Pains And Strains Knee Osteoarthritis Care Kit can be your own personal “physician in a box.”

 Everything you need to treat YOUR OWN knee pain symptoms with conservative and proven methods… on YOUR OWN time, and in the comfort of YOUR OWN home.

No hassle, driving through traffic or taking time away from your regular schedule…

Just order online, get the kit in the mail, and start treatment.

Simple, yet effective…

Time and Money Savings

Money Back Guarentee

Plus, when you order through us, you’ll save an average of $700 over the same products delivered through your doctor’s office.

And because we believe in our kit so much, we offer a 45-day, 100% money-back guarantee.

Order the kit, try it for yourself, and if you aren’t satisfied with it for any reason at all, send it back and we’ll send you a full refund that same day, no questions asked.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are these products any better than what I can buy at my local pharmacy?

Our care kits are curated with carefully selected, medical-grade, physician-endorsed products specifically designed for the unique pain relief requirements of knee Osteoarthritis. The true benefit lies in the combined use of all four pain relief elements, along with the program we prescribe.

How often should I wear my brace?

Make sure to wear the Reaction Brace during all activities initially. Then, over time you can determine which activities you may be able to handle without the added support of the brace. However, we always recommend wearing it during any rigorous activity (e.g. hiking, jogging, tennis, team sports, etc.).

I thought there’s no way to “heal” arthritis. How will this care kit help me?

Osteoarthritis is degenerative, meaning it will only get worse over time. However, the combination of the treatments in this kit can reduce the pain from the symptoms. Additionally, the brace and exercises are designed to assist you with better alignment of the knee joint. A properly aligned joint will result in less bone-on-bone contact, which has been shown to slow the progress of OA.

I think I have arthritis, but I’m not sure. Can I do any damage to my knee by trying this kit?

It is important to always consult a physician for any medical advice and diagnosis. However, most knee injuries will benefit from the therapies in this kit, and if used appropriately, risk of additional injury is limited.

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