Pains and Strains, LLC is pleased to have you join our team to empower people with the tools to help their pain and strain so they can get pack to what they love. 

As an affiliate, you hereby agree to;

  • Market and direct customer base to Pains and Activities could include dissemination of printed literature, display of promotional materials, word of mouth, and digital marketing.
  • Train and Update: Participate in applicable training and update marketing materials provided by Pains and
  • Pay: An annual cost of $20 that will be deducted from the referral fees.

Pains and Strains, hereby agrees to;

  • Marketing Support: Provide marketing materials in the form of e-mail template, printed materials, team training, and customer incentive discounts.
  • Compensate for Referrals: All affiliates will be compensated an amount equal to 15% of sales net of discounts and returns. Compensation to be paid quarterly.
  • Update and Education: Notify of any service changes, enhancements, and or education.

Term and Termination: This agreement will remain in force until termination.  Both parties reserve the right to amend or terminate this agreement with thirty days written notice for any reason.

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