February 06, 2017
Will Deductibles Create Market Driven Healthcare?

According to CNBC, the average deductible will be around $6,000/$12,000 for a family. This means 90% of average medical care will be paid for out of pocket while the average American family has only $600 in savings. These twin realities mean that patients will need to become consumers.

This will result in the emergence of behaviors that are common in other markets. For instance, when something goes wrong with a home many consumers will turn to the DIY method. This trend has already begun in Healthcare and according to the C.H.P.A.  presciption to OTC usage has grown 27% in the last five years. Many companies are moving to meet this demand. Companies like Alithias are providing transparency of pricing for clinical services and painsandstrains.com provides a complete tool to empower people with basic pains and strains. The next few years will be one of great change for the Healthcare landscape and one that will begin to usher in growth of consumer driven healthcare.

Joe McClung

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