June 22, 2017
The effect of weight on your knees

Dr. Ryan Geringer

It’s well known that obesity is becoming an epidemic in the US.  Conditions that were previously only seen in older adults such as Type II Diabetes and fatty liver are now appearing in teenagers. 

The crux of osteoarthritis (OA) is the overuse and wear and tear on joints.  It’s very common in the elderly who have been using their joints for over half a century.  But for people in their 20’s and 30’s, it can come from the strain of carrying around an extra 50-200 pounds all day, every day.  In this second in a two-part series, we cover obesity and its slow destruction of the knees.


There are currently 2 million Americans under the age of 45 suffering from osteoarthritis of the knee [1].  Among these people, many have obesity-associated OA.  Without weight loss, this group will develop progressively worsening OA with many eventually requiring total knee replacement surgery.  This early age of onset will be a public health burden [1].

One way that obesity leads to OA of the knee is the increased load on the joint.  High impact activities as well as simply going up and down stairs rapidly takes its toll.

Another way obesity contributes to knee OA is its effects on joint mechanics.  A recent study Knee Osteoarthritis Joint Spacefound that obesity contributes to misalignment in the knees, creating unnatural wear and tear and prompting early onset OA [2]. 

Treatment and Prevention

The best thing you can do to prevent knee OA is to lose excess weight and maintain that healthy body weight.  It’s also important to exercise regularly.  Exercise has been shown to alleviate any arthritic pain you may already have.  Studies have also proven that people experience considerable improvement in their quality of life and substantially less knee pain with only a modest weight loss and moderate exercise [3].

The Best Kit for You

While you are on your weight loss journey exercising with knee pain can be difficult and keep you from your routine. Our kits can help you stay active by supporting your joints to prevent injury with the Reaction Brace. Reduce the painful swelling with FreezeSleeve and most important help your bio-mechanical alignment with a complete strength and stretch program.  These protective and pain relieving products fit anyone with thighs up to 24 inches in diameter.

If you already experience knee pain from early onset OA, our Osteoarthritis Knee Kit can help. 

Having knee osteoarthritis isn’t fun for anyone of any age.  Find relief today with Pains and Strains.


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Joe McClung

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