April 26, 2017
Have Heel Pain and a High Deductible? You need to read this!

With the average family deductible on Bronze plans at $12K you could be out of pocket for your treatment.  Plantar fasciitis is on of the most common injuries,and is the result painful inflammation of the connective tissue that stretches vertically down the bottom of your foot.   Traditional medical treatment can be costly and time consuming, neither of which is fun when you’re already in pain.

How much time do you spend getting rid of Plantar Fasciitis?

Doctors and physical therapists typically only see patients Monday-Friday, 9-5.  For many of us, that those are also the hours you work so seeking help impacts your wallet even before you get your first bill.  The average person in the US earns $26.04/hour, although you would know for sure your hourly wage [1].  Consider the work hours lost while driving to your appointments, sitting the in waiting rooms, and finally seeing your clinician.  Depending on the work you do, plantar fasciitis may also be impacting your ability to earn money at all.  Thankfully, a lot the treatment can be done at home in your own time with our affordable care kit.

Plantar Fasciitis Treatment Options                 

Getting care from orthopedic doctors and physical therapists is expensive.  Throw in the costs of the physical supplies you need and you can see your total bill run nearly $1000.  Plus, insurance may not cover everything, and all of this is after losing income.  Here’s the breakdown:

Ortho Office Visit       $250
Night Splint                $190
Day Splint                   $94
Cold Therapy Prod.   $45
Stretch Strap              $30
Thera-Band               $35
3 PT Visits @ $100   $300
Topical Analgesic      $15
Total:              $959

 In contrast, here is the breakdown of Pain and Strain’s $149 Plantar Fasciitis Care Kit:

Night Splint                  included
Day Splint (AirHeel)    included
Cold therapy Prod.      included
Stretch Strap               included
Exercise Bands           included
PT plan and video        included
Fast Freeze                 included
Total:              $149 HSA Qualified

THAT IS IS A DIFFERENCE OF $810! Which does not include the time off work.

Not only can our solutions save you precious time and money. We made sure that the therapies are unique and effective. For example our cold therapy product- the SnOH Cold therapy for Plantar FasciitisBall- gives immediate pain relief.  By rolling the frozen ball under your foot, you’re massaging the irritated tissue and the coldness reduces inflammation.  The kit’s splints are the same quality as those prescribed by doctors and provide relief quickly, enabling you to return to activities.  Our physical therapy video and supplies, made by physical therapist Mike Verplancke, DPT, allows you to do you own physical therapy in the comfort of your home.  No need for a waiting room.

Of course, if our DIY treatment does not produce some relief within a week, you should see a physician in case there is something else going on.  But know that fascia is slow to heal, and it may take a month before you’re back to normal.

 Plantar fasciitis can really put a damper on your life.  Treat it and get back to earning your income!


[1] https://ycharts.com/indicators/average_hourly_earnings

Joe McClung

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